Welcome to Destia

Seven years ago, the Sorcerer King of Ichxasa, Balotar, split his soul into seven phylacteries, giving himself immense power and transforming him into a lich. However, after his transformation he no longer held his own mind and using his new power, sunk the capital city into the ground, turning the citizens of his empire into mindless undead. after years of struggling to get along, the remaining two empires, the mighty Darthanians and the wise Shal-hadir banded together to fight the lich’s undead army. After years of war, the two empires are struggling to keep the tides of undead back, their armies advance further every day, stopped only by the walls of the twin strongholds. Without a backup plan, the empires will not last long. For almost 100 years, the Blacklands in southern Destia have been desolate, and a kingdom that once existed there is now thought to be lost. The land is surrounded by rivers, mountains, and an swamp in the north called Vardar. Our “heroes”, the drow hunter, Nalfein, the tiefling entertainer, Malachi, the goliath shaman, Meavoi and the former paladin, Mardok, have been hired to find out what happened to the son of the Baron of Therund, a province on the edge of Vardar. Arriving in Moonstair, a town under assault by trolls, they found a dragonborn named Bax, and his brother Childadarsia, who had been with the Baron’s son Eredan before he died. After a brief period in Moonstair, they set off into the unknown to forge their legends.

Champions of Destia

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